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The most common hair loss myths and Propecia

Doctors quite often get to hear the wildest myths surrounding hair loss problems when they are visited by people with the condition. Prior to trying out Propecia and other actual medical options, many people tend to take all sorts of misconceptions by heart and follow them, further aggravating the condition.
Due to the rather limited and recent nature of actual facts behind hair loss the majority of these misconceptions and myths tend to stem from simple ignorance, which is actually very widespread for these reasons. That's why in order to avoid any ridiculous actions caused by common hair loss myths and head straight to an effective treatment with drugs like Propecia you should learn the truth behind the most widespread hair loss misconceptions:
Myth: Hair loss results from bad hygiene, nutrition and health problems
Fact: This assumption is partially correct because there are actual cases of hair loss caused by all of the mentioned factors. Some serious health conditions and respective treatments can cause rapid hair loss and so does the lack of hygiene and proper hair nutrition. However, if the only real problem is hair loss itself and there are no other health concerns in place, then it's certainly not the case of health-related hair thinning and balding. In other words, if it were for the hygiene, nutrition or bad health to cause hair loss you would certainly notice the root of the problem due to other more severe symptoms.
Myth: Hair loss is a genetic condition inherited from mothers
Fact: It was actually an official theory some time ago until deeper research was made and drugs like Propecia were developed. Genetics really play a small role in the development of hair loss as the genetic predisposition towards specific hormonal imbalance (which is the actual cause of most hair loss cases) is actually passed from parents to children. But being predisposed doesn't automatically imply that the person will develop the condition. So don't blame your mother or your farther for having bald spots.
Myth: Wearing tight hats and other headwear causes hair loss
Fact: It is speculated that tight hats affect the blood circulation in the scalp and thus cause hair follicles to shrink and hair to fall out more rapidly. It's true that proper blood circulation is crucial for maintaining proper nutrition of hair follicles. However, in order to effectively impede blood circulation of the scalp to a considerable extent you'd have to fit a hat so tight that it would be painful to wear it even for several minutes, let alone long enough to cause hair loss.
Myth: Shaving your head can stop hair loss
Fact: This myth stems from the observation that if you start shaving a particular body part with hair the hair starts growing thicker. Unfortunately, it's not the case for the head. Shaving your head may be a good way to embrace hair loss, but if you actually want to stop the process it's not the way to go. Shaving can damage the sensitive hair follicles in the scalp and further aggravate the process. Taking Propecia is a far more effective method for stopping hair loss than a razor.

Accutane and its safe and effective use

Acne is one of those problems that don't necessarily cause too much physical discomfort or pain, but certainly has a profound psychological impact on anyone affected by it. These effects are especially pronounced in teens and young adults, who are very concerned with their appearance. That's why the anti-acne segment of the pharmaceutical industry has a turnover of several billion dollars in US alone, with hundreds of various products flooding the marketplace. For many people these solutions, which generally include topical treatments in the form of gel, paste, lotion and others, actually work and that's exactly why they are still sold in pharmacies. Cases of severe acne that cannot be cured with a simple topical solution or even antibiotics are, however, still there. When these cases occur Accutane is usually the only thing that is left to try.
Accutane is quite different from all the anti-acne solutions available on the market in what concerns the mechanism of action, potency and the factors addressed. Unlike the vast majority of lotions and crèmes it's not aimed at the external manifestations of the problem we all know as acne but instead targets the underlying causes, most of the patients don't even know of. Accutane decreases the activity of oil glands in the skin, reducing the amount of oil produced and thus living the skin bacteria without an abundant source of energy for replication, which in turn reduces inflammation we see as pimples.
Accutane, however, can affect various systems of the body and not just the skin due to it being a medication with a complex mechanism of action. And users have to be extremely cautious when using it for exactly this reason.

Accutane is available only through doctor prescription and that's exactly the case when it's a necessity rather than formality. The medication has to be taken under strict doctor surveillance, with regular medical check and blood tests. Since Accutane is chemically related to Vitamin A, which plays a very important role during the development of the fetus, it is strictly forbidden to take the drug during pregnancy or nursing due to the high risk of birth defects and fetus development abnormalities. That's why women prescribed with Accutane are also prescribed with birth control medications and are strongly recommended to use additional forms of birth control to avoid pregnancy during the treatment period. Respecting the prescribed dosage is a must and any changes in the way the patient feels should be described to the doctor as soon as possible.
It may take some time for Accutane to start working. Many patients even report having more severe acne breakouts during the initial phase of the treatment, while the body is adjusting to the drug. The first improvements may become observable only after several weeks into the treatment course. However, this doesn't mean that the drug isn't working properly and any other measures have to be put in place. It is strongly recommended to avoid using any topical solutions for acne while taking Accutane as it may damage the skin. Moreover, since the skin will become more sensitive and easily irritable it is discouraged to undergo any cosmetic procedures during and short time after the treatment. Even tanning or spending too much time in direct sunlight may cause serious burns, so try to avoid it as well.
As you can see, Accutane is not the kind of drug to be toyed with. Being careless about this medication can cause serious health problems and make acne the least of thing to worry about. But that's the price you have to pay for its effectiveness, which is why people take Accutane in the first place. It can eliminate any form of acne regardless of its severity, that's why the drug is used as the last measure for cases when other treatments have been tried and failed. So make sure to use Accutane correctly, respect all the precautions, consult with your doctor whenever needed and you will surely benefit from using this drug.

Using Levitra to repair relationships

Erectile dysfunction can destroy marriages and other intimate relationships. Whether you are in a new relationship or have been with your partner for years, ED can impact every aspect of your relationship. When you have problems in the bedroom, you may become distant to your partner outside the bedroom. You can prevent further damage to and even repair your relationship when you take Levitra.
The signs of ED and how to recognize them
Nearly all men experience difficulty in the bedroom at one time or another. Maybe you drank too much or are just too tired. Just because you cannot get an erection, do not automatically assume you have ED. A true diagnosis of erectile dysfunction must be provided by a physician. Generally, you will need to consistently have difficulty getting and sustaining an erection before an ED diagnosis is made. Your doctor will rule out other medical problems such as prostate cancer before giving you an ED diagnosis.
Causing the symptoms to become worse
Men with erectile dysfunction often develop "performance anxiety" because of sexual uncertainty. If you are not confident you will be able to get and keep an erection when the time is right, you might become overly anxious which can make the situation worse. Anxiety can manifest as physical stress which may actually trigger ED symptoms. You can prevent this from happening by discussing your sexual dysfunctions with your doctor as well as your intimate partner.
ED and its' effect on relationships
When men begin to act differently toward their partner with no explanation, it is common for distrust to build and fester. That distrust can lead to fights and hurt feelings. Your partner might start thinking you are having an affair or have simply lost interest in them. Overtime they will develop their own feelings of inadequacy. You and your partner will soon find yourselves caught up in a vicious cycle of distrust and low self-esteem.
The treatment benefits
It is amazing how much better you will feel when you speak to a doctor about ED. You will feel relieved to not have to deal with the problem alone. Of course, your doctor will recommend you talk to your partner about your condition and concerns you have relevant to your relationship. Not only is communication important but finding the right treatment is essential. Levitra is an ED treatment proven to be effective in most men. Seeking treatment early makes it easier for you to repair your intimate relationship.
Professional Counseling Services and its use
In addition to taking Levitra to treat your ED, you may need to see a therapist to repair your relationship. ED drugs will give you back your sexual confidence. However, you still need to address communication issues in your relationship. Depending on the severity of your ED, your doctor may suggest you and your partner see a sexual therapist. You and your partner can find the best ways to support each other as you learn to manage ED symptoms and the feelings associated with your condition.
Levitra can help you regain self-confidence so that you are willing to work on your relationship issues. With the help of this ED medication, you can rekindle your love and sex life!

Monday, March 11, 2013

The common myths about ED and Levitra

Men turn to certain treatments, including ED drugs, to reduce erectile dysfunction symptoms because of beliefs they have concerning the treatments. Unfortunately, those beliefs are often based on myth rather than founded on truth. In many cases, misconceptions extend to ED itself. Before you decide to begin taking an ED drug like Levitra, make sure you have the facts about the drug and erectile dysfunction. Following are some of the more common myths about both:
Myth: Impotence is a fact of life in men of a certain age
There is no magical age related to erectile dysfunction. Men can become impotent at any age. While it is more common in older men, impotence is not inevitable. You can take actions to improve your health and reduce factors that increase the risk of ED. In most cases, ED is the result of an underlying medical condition like diabetes. Your health, not your age, directly affects your chances of developing erectile dysfunction.
Myth: Erectile dysfunction and low libido are the same condition
Men are prevented from developing an erection that is hard enough to engage in sexual intercourse with ED, which is a physical condition. In contrast, libido is your actual sex drive. You can have a high libido and experience ED. If you have a low libido, you probably are not really interested in sex in the first place. That lack of interest or desire is likely what is preventing you from getting an erection, not erectile dysfunction. Differentiating between the two is important because while Levitra can treat ED, it has absolutely no impact on libido.
Myth: "Real men" never experience erectile dysfunction
The condition can be experienced by men of all backrounds as ED does not discriminate. Having ED in no way reflects on your masculinity. You are not any less of a man if you develop erectile dysfunction. There are many reasons men experience ED symptoms, many of which are beyond your control. ED is not, and should not be, a measure of a man's worth.
Myth: ED drugs will help you get harder erections even if you do not have ED
PDE-5 inhibitors are designed to treat a specific physical condition. In particular, the drug allows blood to reach the penis easier by blocking a chemical reaction that affects the lining of blood vessels. The mechanism of action is targeted. So, the drug is completely ineffective in men who do not have this specific problem. You will not experience better sex by taking ED drugs when you do not have ED.
Myth: Levitra cures erectile dysfunction in every man who uses it
Erectile dysfunction has no cure, although when you want to have sex ED drugs can help you manage the symptoms. You still have the physical problem when you do not take the medication. You are just able to temporarily fix the problem long enough to have sex. In most cases, ED drugs remain active for several hours. Additionally, every man who uses an ED drug has a unique reaction which means success levels vary. ED drugs do not work for every man who seeks treatment.
Knowing what to expect when you take any medication is important. It may be more important when the drug you take is designed to treat erectile dysfunction. Levitra is a popular ED medication because it is so effective. Talk to your doctor about this powerful treatment option today!

Cialis or Natural Remedies: Which Works Best?

Millions of men suffer from erectile dysfunction. When it comes to treating ED, there is much debate about whether men should seek natural remedies or immediately begin taking ED drugs. Medications like Cialis have proven to be effective in treating erectile dysfunction in most men who use the drug. But choosing to take this ED medication often involves a more complicated decision-making process.
Understanding Impotence
To identify the treatment that is right for you, you need to have a solid understanding of erectile dysfunction or impotence. While there are psychological factors that can worsen ED symptoms, erectile dysfunction is usually caused by physical problems that prevent sufficient blood flow from reaching the penis during sexual stimulation. Without proper blood flow, you cannot achieve a hard erection.
When you only have trouble getting an erection every now and then, you probably do not have ED. You are more likely suffering from performance anxiety or a related problem. It is when you consistently experience the inability to get hard during sex that you need to be concerned.
Trying Natural Remedies
If you believe you are experiencing ED symptoms because of stress, you might benefit by taking a natural supplement that reduces stress. There are also natural treatments marketed specifically for ED including pomegranate juice, acupuncture, arginine, and ginseng. But are they as effective as pharmaceutical interventions? Unlike the numerous clinical studies that test the efficacy of Cialis, there is little to no scientific evidence that any of these natural remedies can actually reduce ED symptoms.
It is also important to note that supplements and other naturopathic treatments are not regulated. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not approve natural products in the same manner required for pharmaceuticals. You have no way of knowing if the ingredients or the supplement itself is safe. Worse than being ineffective, supplements can be harmful to your health.
Using Cialis
Known to be highly effective, this ED drug is safe for most men with ED. Men with certain health conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure can take this ED medication. Because it is has a success rate in excess of 75%, it is one of the most popular ED drugs on the market today. It is available for daily use which means it is known to be safe for long-term treatment of ED.
Ingredients used in this drug are published by the manufacturer. You can decide not to take this drug if you are allergic to any of the ingredients. Warnings about possible drug interactions and side effects are disclosed so your doctor can make an informed recommendation. Combined, these factors make ED drugs a better alternative to natural remedies when you want to alleviate erectile dysfunction symptoms.
Naturopathic treatments may cost less and most can be purchased over-the-counter. Men often prefer this approach because it is embarrassing to go to the doctor to discuss erectile dysfunction or local pharmacy to fill prescriptions. However, if you really want to treat your ED, you need to find a solution that actually works. Cialis is a proven treatment that millions of men use every day to manage ED symptoms. And, you can buy it discretely from reputable online pharmacies!

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Can Cialis Pill Give a Guaranteed Recovery from ED?

Men who are impotent and believe they can cure their condition are often disappointed. There are numerous treatments available to men suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED). Treatments ranging from acupuncture to ED drugs are touted as miracle cures for ED. Before you take a drug like Cialis, it is important to fully understand what it can and cannot do as an ED treatment.
How it Works
The mechanism of action associated with this ED medication is quite simple. The drug works by blocking PDE-5, an enzyme that damages blood vessels in the penis. When PDE-5 is successfully blocked, blood is able to flow to your penis during sex so you can get an erection. Depending on the version of the drug you take, ED medication can remain active up to 36 hours. You will not get an erection by simply taking a pill. Sexual stimulation is required for you to get an erection.
What ED Drugs Treat
ED can develop for a variety of reasons. ED drugs are typically designed to treat physical causes of ED. If you experience ED symptoms because of stress, depression, or other psychological reasons, you may not be a good candidate for this particular treatment. You should not take Cialis if your ED symptoms are a direct result of alcohol or drug use. Men who also have low testosterone or a low sex drive should consult their doctor before taking this medication. ED drugs will not work if you are unable to feel sexual desire.
Why it May Not Be a Cure
Because you have to take an ED drug when you plan to have sex, it is not really considered to be a cure for ED. In fact, most medical professionals agree there is no cure for ED. You can only treat the condition by reducing symptoms. Unless you take 36-hour Cialis, the window of opportunity for sex is usually within 4 hours of taking a pill. After that time, the pill is no longer active in your system. You will have to continue using ED medications long-term to treat ED symptoms. The physical problem causing your erectile dysfunction remains even while you are taking ED drugs.
Who Can Take It
Just because you have ED, it does not mean you can take ED drugs to reduce symptoms. Men with certain medical conditions like serious heart problems should avoid ED drugs unless they are under the supervision of a doctor. Under no circumstance should men taking nitrates to treat heart conditions also take ED medications. So, while this drug can help many men successfully overcome ED, it is not a cure-all for every man diagnosed with erectile dysfunction.
Cialis is an excellent treatment for ED. Millions of men have been using this ED medication for years with extremely positive results. Associated side effects are rare, with most mild and temporary in nature. You can safely take this ED drug long-term without any complications. Your doctor can help coordinate any other medications you take to prevent unwanted interactions. It is the best way to treat, not cure, erectile dysfunction!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Understand the difference between the cause and effect of ED

One of the reasons it is difficult for men to seek treatment when experiencing erectile dysfunction symptoms is because they are confused about the causes and effects of the condition. For example, it is common to lose interest in sex if you cannot get an erection. You might even convince yourself that your disinterest in sex is the cause of your ED. In this scenario, low libido is an effect of your ED condition, not the cause. Once you understand the difference between the causes and effects of ED, you can make better use of Cialis.
ED Cause: Medical Conditions
Over 70% of all ED cases are caused by other medical conditions. As much as 75% of men with diabetes also suffer from erectile dysfunction. At least 15% of men diagnosed with high blood pressure experience ED symptoms. And impotence is common among men with multiple sclerosis with more than 90% of male patients having both conditions. If you have a serious medical condition, find out from your doctor if that condition is the cause of your ED.
ED Cause or Effect: Performance Anxiety
It is a bit more complicated with performance anxiety. Younger men who are particularly anxious about sexual performance or have trouble with condoms may develop ED symptoms. Of course, performance anxiety can also be an effect of ED. When you first begin to experience erectile dysfunction, your sexual confidence is shattered. You become anxious when you think about having sex again because you do not know if you will be able to get an erection.
ED Cause: Substance Use
Just about any type of substance use can lead to ED. It does not matter if you use illegal drugs, nicotine, or alcohol. Each can contribute to the development of erectile dysfunction. Taking an ED drug like Cialis to treat erectile dysfunction caused by substance use is often pointless. The drug is basically fighting the ED symptoms you are creating with your substance use. You must first stop using your substance of choice. Only if your ED symptoms persist should you consider using such a medication.
ED Cause or Effect: Depression
Like performance anxiety, depression can be a cause or effect of erectile dysfunction. It may not be the actual condition of depression that triggers your ED, but medications you take to treat your depression can lead to ED. Long-term use of certain psychotropic drugs has side effects including sexual dysfunction. Men who take antidepressants or antipsychotic medications are at particularly high risk for developing erectile dysfunction. Depression can also be an effect of ED. Because ED can negatively affect intimate relationships, it is not unusual for men to become depressed depending on the severity of their ED symptoms.
Knowing the difference between causes and effects of ED helps you make an informed decision about ED drugs. Cialis is known to effectively treat ED caused by medical conditions and other physical problems. It is safe for most men to take Cialis with the majority experiencing reduced symptoms after the first use of the medication.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Levitra and Weight Management

Obese and even slightly overweight men frequently experience erectile dysfunction. In fact, they have a greater chance of developing ED than men of average weight. Problems with weight may even be related to other health conditions such as diabetes which can cause ED. If you have a weight management problem that could be contributing to your ED and you want to take Levitra to relieve ED symptoms, there are specific steps you can take to improve the drug's effective.
Treat Medical Conditions
Over 65% of ED cases are caused by serious medical conditions like vascular disease, atherosclerosis, and diabetes. And each of these conditions is directly linked to one another and weight gain. By seeking professional treatment for your underlying medical conditions, you can improve erectile dysfunction symptoms. It is safer to use drugs like Levitra if you do not have major medical problems along with weight management concerns. Getting medical conditions under control is essential if you want your ED medication to reduce ED symptoms.
Develop Healthier Eating Habits
A good diet can do wonders for every aspect of your well-being, including sexual health. There is evidence that a vegetarian diet can actually improve erectile dysfunction in men. However, there are other dietary changes you can make if you are not interested in becoming a vegetarian. You can eat smaller portions and avoid fatty foods. The latter will also allow ED drugs to work better. Foods high in fat can prevent ED medications from being absorbed properly in the blood stream which can lessen the drug's effectiveness.
Establish Regular Exercise Routine
Studies show that you can reduce your chances of developing erectile dysfunction by at least 30% just by exercising several times a week. You do not even have to exercise every day. It only takes 5 hours of exercise each week to prevent or reduce ED symptoms. Exercise improves everything from cardiovascular function to blood circulation. Both outcomes can make it easier for men to get erections. These outcomes also improve the effectiveness of ED drugs.
Change Specific Lifestyle Factors
Three lifestyle factors are major contributors to erectile dysfunction and can also affect weight. Alcohol consumption and drug use are known to cause men to experience ED symptoms. Long-term use can result in permanent ED that may not be able to be treated with drugs like Levitra. Smoking is another activity that can lead to impotence. These activities affect blood vessels which can restrict blood flow and prevent sufficient blood from reaching the penis during sex. Reducing substance use will improve sexual functions and help with weight management.
If you are serious about using Levitra to reduce ED symptoms, it is important to get your weight under control before you begin treatment. Consult your doctor for specific recommendations and guidance. Depending upon your specific situation, you may need to follow a physician-prescribed weight loss program to get healthy enough to take ED drugs without experiencing complications or serious side effects. Call your doctor today to schedule a physical and medical review so you can begin treating your ED symptoms!

Famous Bald People

Despite the many treatments that exist to try and stave off visible hair loss, there are plenty of great examples out there of powerful bald role models. If you're deciding whether or not to commit to going totally bald, here are a few great acts to follow.
Bruce Willis
Bruce Willis is so tough, it almost makes you want to shave your hair off just to look like him. Whether outsmarting bad guys or helping a kid who sees dead people, no one looks at Bruce Willis and thinks "If only he'd get a toupee." Mr. Willis is inarguably one of the top role models for wearing your baldness with pride.
Vin Diesel
Another actor on this list, Vin Diesel is an undeniably impressive action star. You wouldn't dare to think less of him because he doesn't have a full head of hair. He'd probably beat you up if you even suggested such a thing. In real life, he's actually a former English major who also speaks fluent Italian, as if you needed more proof that looks can be deceiving.
Michael Jordan
His lack of hair hasn't held Michael Jordan back from an incredibly successful career one bit. One of the most recognized, successful and highly paid sports stars of all time, Michael Jordan has done a good job at making bald his trademark look as well.
James Carville
Known as the man who helped promote the relatively unknown governor of Arkansas, Bill Clinton, into the rank of presidency (twice), James Carville also sports a flashy, shiny head. He also successfully hosted the political show Crossfire on CNN, and continues delivering insightful political commentary. Currently, he can be found teaching political science classes at Tulane University.
Sigourney Weaver
While not naturally bald, Sigourney Weaver made a huge impact in Aliens III with her new bald look. If you've watched any of the Alien franchise movies, you'll know that the lack of hair didn't hamper her character from destroying those critters in any way.
Sean Connery
The original James Bond has been bald so long that he actually wore a toupee while filming his most well-known part. These days, he doesn't bother to hide his hair loss under anything artificial. And he's still considered one of the best actors of his generation, while consistently voted one of the sexiest movie stars of all time.
The Rest of Us
The celebrity figures listed above make going bald look easy, classy, brilliant, talented, tough or all of the above at the exact same time. That doesn't mean the bald look is right for everyone, however. If you don't quite feel up to rocking the look as well as Bruce Willis or Michael Jordan, consider treatment with Propecia. For use only in men, Propecia can help slow down further hair loss while promoting regrowth, for those who aren't quite ready to fully embrace their baldness.

Shopping around for Propecia online

Propecia is one of the many drugs that can be purchased online these days. And for some people experiencing hair loss problems it may actually be the only way to get the effective medication. Hair loss is a rather common problem, especially in middle age men, and Propecia is considered to be the most effective solution to the problem of male pattern hair loss to date. Yet, it may be hard to get in certain places or local pharmacies can set a very high price for it due to the demand. But when you shop online the price becomes less of a concern since you can get Propecia really cheap this way. Still, it is not as simple as going to any online pharmacy site and placing an order. You have to be smart when buying Propecia online and with the following tips you will surely get the effective drug at a very reasonable price with no risk involved.
First of all, you have to understand why online pharmacies set lower prices on all drugs. It's not because they sell counterfeit products, of course. The drugs sold online are perfectly legit and original in most cases, and come from the same warehouses as the drugs you find in local pharmacies. However, because there's no need to keep a large stock and pay the workers when you sell something online, the operational costs in online pharmacies are much lower. That's why they can afford placing a much lower price tag and still get some revenue in the end. So it's rather evident why buying drugs online is always cheaper. But it also makes a difference where you buy the drug from.
There are many perfectly verified and reliable pharmacies out there on the web. But there are also the types of sites that give online pharmacies tons of bad reputation because of their illegal operations. Some may sell counterfeit products, others may simply take your money and ship nothing in return, disappearing completely after you've placed the order. Their numbers are small, but such pharmacies still manage to spoil the complete picture and raise doubts in those willing to purchase Propecia online. The best way to avoid such risky source is sticking to large online pharmacy sites that have plenty of unbiased feedback and can be easily contacted with. If a pharmacy has a reliable customer support and can be reached anytime it's a good sign that they don't rip their clients off and sell original Propecia. Still, if you've found only one such site it doesn't mean that you have to stop looking further. The more pharmacies you have to select from - the higher is the chance that you'll get Propecia at a really good price.
The thing is that all online pharmacies strive to offer the best price possible, so there's always some competition to exploit. The prices for Propecia may vary to a degree, but there are also discounts and sales provided on a periodic basis by these pharmacies. That's when you can buy the drug for a fraction of the price you would normally pay. And that's certainly the best way to buy Propecia online. Sure, the main downside of buying drugs on the web is the fact that you have to wait for the delivery, which sometimes may take weeks. But if you are concerned over the price of the drug and don't want to overpay for Propecia this is just the necessary bargain you have to accept. So it makes sense to stock up earlier with Propecia using online pharmacies than rushing to your local pharmacy every time the pack ends. Shop for Propecia online smart and you will be able to save a lot of money!

Friday, February 22, 2013

How Baldness Can Affect Your Sex Life

When men first notice their hair loss, it can be a real blow to their self-esteem. Many men seem to connect noticeable baldness with a loss of manliness, perhaps connecting hair los to a reduced sense of manhood. In reality, losing a few hairs here or there will have no impact whatsoever on your sexual performance. In fact, so many women claim to be more attracted to bald men that your receding hairline may even benefit you in the bedroom.
True Causes of Baldness
The causes of baldness in men most often find their basis in genetics and hormones, although there may occasionally be other causes as well. Hair loss may be temporary, as in the case of an underlying nutritional deficiency that causes problems with hair regrowth. Then, when the causes of that hair loss have been corrected, the hair returns to its normal appearance.
Temporary hair loss is not nearly as troubling as permanent hair loss, however. When men discover that their hair is no longer growing back and the thin spots in their hair just keep on getting thinner, their first response is often concern. They may be worried about getting older in general, their appearance specifically, or how the outside world will look at them now that their appearance is changing.
Impact of Hair Loss
The most obvious impact of hair loss is physical: the changes that occur in the visual appearance. However, the emotional impact from these changes is often underestimated. If a man ties his sense of self-esteem pretty closely to his appearance, he may find it very difficult to handle the loss of his hair. If he cannot overcome his feelings of distress over the changes in his appearance, more serious psychological symptoms may appear down the road, such as social isolation, depression or other issues.
With increased emotional and psychological distress, sexual function may be impaired. So, although baldness on its own does not affect your sex life, the emotional distress over hair loss may itself have an impact. It's hard to feel intimate if you feel poorly about yourself, or are feeling down and distracted. That's one reason why early treatment with Propecia is so essential: the hair loss is stopped and reversed. With the return of hair growth, self-esteem and self-confidence both come back up to normal levels.
Bald Is Sexy
Regardless of what stage of hair loss you're in, beginning treatment with Propecia can have a very positive impact on your romantic life, especially if you're feeling emotionally affected by the changes in your appearance. But remember, even if you don't pursue treatment immediately, that's no reason to get down on your looks. Most women find bald men even sexier than those with a full head of hear, so bare your scalp with pride and get ready to collect some phone numbers.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Trying dietary changes and Cialis to improve your sexual performance

When men were finding sex a challenge, a number of myths grew up. There were said to be certain foods that would put them in the mood, that would somehow inspire them to greatness again. Over the centuries, various foods have stood in the spotlight as aphrodisiacs. Regardless whether you powder the antlers of a deer or make infusions of ginseng or eat the penis of animals reputed sexually strong, the main result is likely to come from the placebo effect. The more strongly you believe in the result, the more likely it is you will get that result. In clinical trials, about one-third of all participants say the placebo has improved their health. To be accepted as an effective drug, a significantly higher percentage of the participants have to report feeling better. Otherwise, this could be the same number of participants enjoying the placebo effect. So if one-third of men say oysters do it for them, we know how effective oysters are.
In the laboratory, there's actually hope for bremelanotide and initial results in a clinical trial for sexual arousal disorder suggest better than one-third responses. Crocin is currently going through animal tests with favorable results so far. However, there's some interest in Arginine which is an amino acid found in a range of food including red and white meats and diary products like milk, cheese and yogurt, and plant sources like nuts, seeds and wheat. Inside the body, it's converted into nitric oxide which is an essential trigger for the dilation of artery walls. This increases blood flow and makes an erection possible.
The fact that Arginine occurs naturally in the body and is topped up as we eat our 'ordinary' diet is the first and most important thing to understand. Doctors, however, suggest that we may recover former strength by choosing foods that are rich in Arginine or other natural chemicals supporting the process of dilating the walls of blood vessels if the level of this amino acid drops. For example, pistachio nuts are good for your general cardiac health and may improve sexual function. The improvement comes both from the Arginine and the improvement in the heart's performance. As more blood is pumped round the body at higher pressure, it comes into the penis with more force and can form a stronger erection. Similarly, some leafy green vegetables like broccoli, lettuce and spinach are rich in nitrates which improve blood vessel dilation. If you want to cook these vegetables, it's better not to boil them unless you reserve the water and use it to make stock. Otherwise, the nutrients are lost by boiling.
Regardless whether the science of Arginine and other foods rich in nitrates proves correct, there's no doubt that a general improvement in diet and a more active lifestyle improve sexual health. This may not work on its own but alongside the use of Cialis, the resumption of sexual activity is more or less guaranteed. As general health improves, you may find it less necessary to use Cialis.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Restore Your Mental Well-being taking PDE5 inhibitors

Not being able to lead a healthy sex life affects one's mental well-being. Sexual dysfunction makes one feel less confident in every part of one's life, and the situation can become worse and worse as this cycle continues....
one of the causes of erectile dysfunction is considered to be the age. But this question is controversial. And many seniors who use ED drugs and just people living very healthy lives in good environment do still enjoy sex as if they are in their 20s or 30s. Erectile dysfunction is also caused by other things. Those who are diabetic for example usually get ED while those who take antidepressants suffer the same fate.
An estimated 35% to 75% of men who have diabetes suffer a certain degree of impotence usually a decade earlier than those without the disease. As men with this kind of ailment age, the occurrence of impotence becomes more common. The causes of ED in men with this illness are of course complex but scientists have found that impairments or damages in the nerves, the blood vessels and malfunctioning of the muscles contribute to not being able to get or maintain an erection. Healthy blood vessels are needed to perform in bed and since men need a lot of blood into their penile region during sex, it is difficult for men with unhealthy blood vessels to actually perform in bed. And as if this isn't injury enough, men with ED also suffer from depression or loss of confidence or both. The mental well-being of a man is affected if he has sexual dysfunction that's why those who have been taking Levitra (Vardenafil) are a lot happier than men with ED who do not take the PDE5 inhibitor.
Men who take antidepressants due to clinical depression or other mental disorders are also at high risk of developing impotence. While antidepressants are designed to make a depressed person a lot happier and a happier person would usually have more sexual thoughts than an unhappy one, this is just the opposite for men who are taking these drugs. Men who take antidepressants usually have problems getting it up while others just have no desire to have sex.
While men who have diabetes can take the drug Levitra with constant monitoring from their general practitioners, men who suffer from impotence due to SSRIs (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor) should be more cautious. Doctors say that there is only a need for you to lower your dose of your SSRI while taking drugs like Levitra for the latter to take effect but there is still a need for you to take a look at possible consequences of doing such.
If you take Levitra however, you can be sure that your mind will be more at ease because you can perform in bed again.

Human Knowledge about Asthma. Is There a Treatment?

Considered by many as an often frightening experience, an asthma attack is something that sufferers of the condition or those who have loved ones with asthma should always be prepared for.
Asthma is a condition first recorded by the ancient Chinese. It was described in a 2600 BC text as "noisy breathing". It was only in 400 BC however that the term asthma was coined. Hippocrates used the Greek term "Asthma" which directly translates to "wind" because of the respiratory disease's occurrence whenever the wind blows therefore identifying the relationship of the condition to a person's environment. It has been suggested that Hippocrates was the first allergist. During the time of Alexander the Great, some of his men smoked an anticholinergic agent in the form of the herb stramonium to relax their lungs. This means that an asthma attack or asthma in general is definitely not new. Apart from the gasping or the breathlessness, it was also determined that this attack can happen after running or toiling. It was even mentioned in the Code of Hammurabi as breathlessness i.e. as said in the code, "If a man's lungs pant with his work." (1792-1750 BC)
In 50 AD, Pliny the Elder saw that it's not just the environment in particular that causes respiratory difficulty but certain things in particular - pollen being Pliny the Elder's culprit. Pliny suggested that those who suffer from asthma drink lots of wine for its ephedra content. But how does asthma work and how does the prodrug Prednisone help in relieving asthmatic patients?
Although asthma has been around for almost three millennia, there are still millions of people in the US alone who suffer from the condition. Science has come a long way however in understanding the triggers of asthma-associated breathlessness. One has to note though that this respiratory problem does not have a treatment and all doctors can do is to treat or alleviate its symptoms and to determine the triggers of attacks in patients with severe asthma. Do we know how asthma works though? To understand how it works one must know how normal lungs work. From the mouth and nose, air goes to the trachea - the tube that connects the mouth and the nose to the lungs. The lungs is divided into the right and left bronchus. The trachea wall is made up of very smooth muscle to keep the airways open. However in the case of those with asthma, whenever there is an allergen, these smooth muscles swell - making it difficult for air to pass through hence shortness of breath or for those with severe asthma breathlessness occurs.
Asthma is an incapacitating condition but thanks to drugs like Prednisone, those who have the respiratory inflammatory disorder can lead normal lives. Prednisone is a corticosteroid that helps in reducing inflammation that is why it is an effective medication given to patients suffering from respiratory problems that involves an inflamed trachea. Because of its ability to reduce or get rid of inflammation, Prednisone is also an effective treatment for other diseases that cause inflammation of certain parts of the body.

Friday, January 11, 2013


Prednisone is a commonly prescribed steroid used to treat a variety of conditions. Most people recognize it as a treatment for asthma, but it can also be beneficial in treating certain types of arthritis. Prednisone, which is a corticosteroid, has been used in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, polymyalgia rheumatic, lupus, temporal arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, dermatomyositis, polymyositis, gout, sarcoidosis, pseudogout, and the arthritis that goes along with inflammatory bowel disease.
Your body has endocrine glands that help keep your organs functioning. Endocrine glands excrete hormones which have specific tasks related to regulation. Your body has multiple ways of providing feedback, so this system stays under control.
A specific endocrine organ, your adrenal glands, produces glucocorticoids. Glucocorticoids have many different functions, including maintaining blood pressure, metabolizing protein, fat, and sugar, responding to stress, and inflammation. Your body produces these chemicals naturally, but sometimes it does not produce enough, or they do not function properly. Arthritis is an inflammatory disease. Therefore, it can be helped by the use of steroids. Oral steroids are an artificial way of getting glucocorticoids into your body. Although Prednisone can work well for arthritis, it does have its drawbacks, especially if you quit taking it without a doctor's instruction.
Steroids like Prednisone can be given intravenously, intramuscularly, or by mouth. These types of steroids are referred to as exogenous. When you take these drugs, it reduces the ability of your adrenal glands to manufacture glucocorticoids.
Without the ability to increase steroid production, you can experience shock if you go into stress or obtain an injury, infection, or go through surgery. Therefore, you must not stop taking Prednisone "cold turkey." Since your body will not be making glucocorticoids on its own, you must slowly taper off of Prednisone to give your body a chance to start working on its own and catch up.
There are also some side effects to be aware of when using Prednisone. Less serious side effects include acne, dry or thinning skin, discoloration or bruising, increased sweating, nausea, bloating, or stomach pain, mood changes, sleep problems, wounds that heal slowly, headaches, spinning sensations or dizziness, and changes in body fat composition or location.
More serious side effects include tarry or blood stools, swelling, eye pain, blurred vision, seeing halos around lights, rapid weight gain, depression, coughing up blood, feeling short of breath, unusual behavior or thoughts, pancreatitis, seizures, low potassium, and a dangerous increase in blood pressure. If you experience any of these side effects, contact your doctor or seek medical attention immediately.
If you have arthritis, it might be worth it to discuss Prednisone with your physician. As with any drug, it is necessary to weigh the pros and cons in order to determine if it is a good treatment. You should always let your doctor know about any other medical conditions you may have, and any medications you are taking. Do not take Prednisone without a prescription and supervision from a doctor. Also, do not take a higher dose than prescribed.