Thursday, March 7, 2013

Understand the difference between the cause and effect of ED

One of the reasons it is difficult for men to seek treatment when experiencing erectile dysfunction symptoms is because they are confused about the causes and effects of the condition. For example, it is common to lose interest in sex if you cannot get an erection. You might even convince yourself that your disinterest in sex is the cause of your ED. In this scenario, low libido is an effect of your ED condition, not the cause. Once you understand the difference between the causes and effects of ED, you can make better use of Cialis.
ED Cause: Medical Conditions
Over 70% of all ED cases are caused by other medical conditions. As much as 75% of men with diabetes also suffer from erectile dysfunction. At least 15% of men diagnosed with high blood pressure experience ED symptoms. And impotence is common among men with multiple sclerosis with more than 90% of male patients having both conditions. If you have a serious medical condition, find out from your doctor if that condition is the cause of your ED.
ED Cause or Effect: Performance Anxiety
It is a bit more complicated with performance anxiety. Younger men who are particularly anxious about sexual performance or have trouble with condoms may develop ED symptoms. Of course, performance anxiety can also be an effect of ED. When you first begin to experience erectile dysfunction, your sexual confidence is shattered. You become anxious when you think about having sex again because you do not know if you will be able to get an erection.
ED Cause: Substance Use
Just about any type of substance use can lead to ED. It does not matter if you use illegal drugs, nicotine, or alcohol. Each can contribute to the development of erectile dysfunction. Taking an ED drug like Cialis to treat erectile dysfunction caused by substance use is often pointless. The drug is basically fighting the ED symptoms you are creating with your substance use. You must first stop using your substance of choice. Only if your ED symptoms persist should you consider using such a medication.
ED Cause or Effect: Depression
Like performance anxiety, depression can be a cause or effect of erectile dysfunction. It may not be the actual condition of depression that triggers your ED, but medications you take to treat your depression can lead to ED. Long-term use of certain psychotropic drugs has side effects including sexual dysfunction. Men who take antidepressants or antipsychotic medications are at particularly high risk for developing erectile dysfunction. Depression can also be an effect of ED. Because ED can negatively affect intimate relationships, it is not unusual for men to become depressed depending on the severity of their ED symptoms.
Knowing the difference between causes and effects of ED helps you make an informed decision about ED drugs. Cialis is known to effectively treat ED caused by medical conditions and other physical problems. It is safe for most men to take Cialis with the majority experiencing reduced symptoms after the first use of the medication.

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