Sunday, March 10, 2013

Can Cialis Pill Give a Guaranteed Recovery from ED?

Men who are impotent and believe they can cure their condition are often disappointed. There are numerous treatments available to men suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED). Treatments ranging from acupuncture to ED drugs are touted as miracle cures for ED. Before you take a drug like Cialis, it is important to fully understand what it can and cannot do as an ED treatment.
How it Works
The mechanism of action associated with this ED medication is quite simple. The drug works by blocking PDE-5, an enzyme that damages blood vessels in the penis. When PDE-5 is successfully blocked, blood is able to flow to your penis during sex so you can get an erection. Depending on the version of the drug you take, ED medication can remain active up to 36 hours. You will not get an erection by simply taking a pill. Sexual stimulation is required for you to get an erection.
What ED Drugs Treat
ED can develop for a variety of reasons. ED drugs are typically designed to treat physical causes of ED. If you experience ED symptoms because of stress, depression, or other psychological reasons, you may not be a good candidate for this particular treatment. You should not take Cialis if your ED symptoms are a direct result of alcohol or drug use. Men who also have low testosterone or a low sex drive should consult their doctor before taking this medication. ED drugs will not work if you are unable to feel sexual desire.
Why it May Not Be a Cure
Because you have to take an ED drug when you plan to have sex, it is not really considered to be a cure for ED. In fact, most medical professionals agree there is no cure for ED. You can only treat the condition by reducing symptoms. Unless you take 36-hour Cialis, the window of opportunity for sex is usually within 4 hours of taking a pill. After that time, the pill is no longer active in your system. You will have to continue using ED medications long-term to treat ED symptoms. The physical problem causing your erectile dysfunction remains even while you are taking ED drugs.
Who Can Take It
Just because you have ED, it does not mean you can take ED drugs to reduce symptoms. Men with certain medical conditions like serious heart problems should avoid ED drugs unless they are under the supervision of a doctor. Under no circumstance should men taking nitrates to treat heart conditions also take ED medications. So, while this drug can help many men successfully overcome ED, it is not a cure-all for every man diagnosed with erectile dysfunction.
Cialis is an excellent treatment for ED. Millions of men have been using this ED medication for years with extremely positive results. Associated side effects are rare, with most mild and temporary in nature. You can safely take this ED drug long-term without any complications. Your doctor can help coordinate any other medications you take to prevent unwanted interactions. It is the best way to treat, not cure, erectile dysfunction!

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