Monday, March 11, 2013

The common myths about ED and Levitra

Men turn to certain treatments, including ED drugs, to reduce erectile dysfunction symptoms because of beliefs they have concerning the treatments. Unfortunately, those beliefs are often based on myth rather than founded on truth. In many cases, misconceptions extend to ED itself. Before you decide to begin taking an ED drug like Levitra, make sure you have the facts about the drug and erectile dysfunction. Following are some of the more common myths about both:
Myth: Impotence is a fact of life in men of a certain age
There is no magical age related to erectile dysfunction. Men can become impotent at any age. While it is more common in older men, impotence is not inevitable. You can take actions to improve your health and reduce factors that increase the risk of ED. In most cases, ED is the result of an underlying medical condition like diabetes. Your health, not your age, directly affects your chances of developing erectile dysfunction.
Myth: Erectile dysfunction and low libido are the same condition
Men are prevented from developing an erection that is hard enough to engage in sexual intercourse with ED, which is a physical condition. In contrast, libido is your actual sex drive. You can have a high libido and experience ED. If you have a low libido, you probably are not really interested in sex in the first place. That lack of interest or desire is likely what is preventing you from getting an erection, not erectile dysfunction. Differentiating between the two is important because while Levitra can treat ED, it has absolutely no impact on libido.
Myth: "Real men" never experience erectile dysfunction
The condition can be experienced by men of all backrounds as ED does not discriminate. Having ED in no way reflects on your masculinity. You are not any less of a man if you develop erectile dysfunction. There are many reasons men experience ED symptoms, many of which are beyond your control. ED is not, and should not be, a measure of a man's worth.
Myth: ED drugs will help you get harder erections even if you do not have ED
PDE-5 inhibitors are designed to treat a specific physical condition. In particular, the drug allows blood to reach the penis easier by blocking a chemical reaction that affects the lining of blood vessels. The mechanism of action is targeted. So, the drug is completely ineffective in men who do not have this specific problem. You will not experience better sex by taking ED drugs when you do not have ED.
Myth: Levitra cures erectile dysfunction in every man who uses it
Erectile dysfunction has no cure, although when you want to have sex ED drugs can help you manage the symptoms. You still have the physical problem when you do not take the medication. You are just able to temporarily fix the problem long enough to have sex. In most cases, ED drugs remain active for several hours. Additionally, every man who uses an ED drug has a unique reaction which means success levels vary. ED drugs do not work for every man who seeks treatment.
Knowing what to expect when you take any medication is important. It may be more important when the drug you take is designed to treat erectile dysfunction. Levitra is a popular ED medication because it is so effective. Talk to your doctor about this powerful treatment option today!


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