Thursday, August 9, 2012

David Wolfe Books - Proven Ways to Get Fit and Healthy Today!

David Wolfe has established himself as the world's foremost authority in raw and living foods nutrition.  He has been a raw foodist for over 13 years, and not only teaches how to make great-tasting raw food recipes, but through continually reviewing the medical research and having a "what works" approach, David Wolfe inspires and teaches audience worldwide through live events, websites, and raw food product sales.
The David Wolfe books are of particular importance, as they are not merely recipe books (in fact, he's never written a recipe book at all!), but they contain entire proven strategies of detoxification, increasing levels of beauty, and living the best life ever trough raw food nutrition and what he calls "Superfood" nutrition.
The David Wolfe Books include his all-time classic The Sunfood Diet Success System, the book that launched his career and is unique in all the raw food literature in that it combines the best of "you are what you eat" with the best of "you are what you think about"--giving an amazing edge for everyone to to live their best life ever through all levels of their being!
David Wolfe's Books also include Naked Chocolate, the book that introduced to North America the idea that real, raw, living chocolate (also called "cacao") truly is a superfood.  Raw Chocolate contains massive amount of magnesium, chromium, high-quality fats and oils, protein, and Vitamin C--making it one of the top dietary choices both for culinary use and for super nutrition!
His other books include Amazing Grace: The 9 Secrets of Living in Natural Magic, which again gives you esoteric and practical secrets for learning to live in a greater connection to all of life by noticing synchronicities and feeding your body the "magical foods of immortals" to help this magic fill your entire life.
Want to learn more about having the best life ever? Learn the secrets thousands have already learned to transform your body, mind, and spirit through raw and living foods and superfoods!

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