Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The most common hair loss myths and Propecia

Doctors quite often get to hear the wildest myths surrounding hair loss problems when they are visited by people with the condition. Prior to trying out Propecia and other actual medical options, many people tend to take all sorts of misconceptions by heart and follow them, further aggravating the condition.
Due to the rather limited and recent nature of actual facts behind hair loss the majority of these misconceptions and myths tend to stem from simple ignorance, which is actually very widespread for these reasons. That's why in order to avoid any ridiculous actions caused by common hair loss myths and head straight to an effective treatment with drugs like Propecia you should learn the truth behind the most widespread hair loss misconceptions:
Myth: Hair loss results from bad hygiene, nutrition and health problems
Fact: This assumption is partially correct because there are actual cases of hair loss caused by all of the mentioned factors. Some serious health conditions and respective treatments can cause rapid hair loss and so does the lack of hygiene and proper hair nutrition. However, if the only real problem is hair loss itself and there are no other health concerns in place, then it's certainly not the case of health-related hair thinning and balding. In other words, if it were for the hygiene, nutrition or bad health to cause hair loss you would certainly notice the root of the problem due to other more severe symptoms.
Myth: Hair loss is a genetic condition inherited from mothers
Fact: It was actually an official theory some time ago until deeper research was made and drugs like Propecia were developed. Genetics really play a small role in the development of hair loss as the genetic predisposition towards specific hormonal imbalance (which is the actual cause of most hair loss cases) is actually passed from parents to children. But being predisposed doesn't automatically imply that the person will develop the condition. So don't blame your mother or your farther for having bald spots.
Myth: Wearing tight hats and other headwear causes hair loss
Fact: It is speculated that tight hats affect the blood circulation in the scalp and thus cause hair follicles to shrink and hair to fall out more rapidly. It's true that proper blood circulation is crucial for maintaining proper nutrition of hair follicles. However, in order to effectively impede blood circulation of the scalp to a considerable extent you'd have to fit a hat so tight that it would be painful to wear it even for several minutes, let alone long enough to cause hair loss.
Myth: Shaving your head can stop hair loss
Fact: This myth stems from the observation that if you start shaving a particular body part with hair the hair starts growing thicker. Unfortunately, it's not the case for the head. Shaving your head may be a good way to embrace hair loss, but if you actually want to stop the process it's not the way to go. Shaving can damage the sensitive hair follicles in the scalp and further aggravate the process. Taking Propecia is a far more effective method for stopping hair loss than a razor.