Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Levitra and Weight Management

Obese and even slightly overweight men frequently experience erectile dysfunction. In fact, they have a greater chance of developing ED than men of average weight. Problems with weight may even be related to other health conditions such as diabetes which can cause ED. If you have a weight management problem that could be contributing to your ED and you want to take Levitra to relieve ED symptoms, there are specific steps you can take to improve the drug's effective.
Treat Medical Conditions
Over 65% of ED cases are caused by serious medical conditions like vascular disease, atherosclerosis, and diabetes. And each of these conditions is directly linked to one another and weight gain. By seeking professional treatment for your underlying medical conditions, you can improve erectile dysfunction symptoms. It is safer to use drugs like Levitra if you do not have major medical problems along with weight management concerns. Getting medical conditions under control is essential if you want your ED medication to reduce ED symptoms.
Develop Healthier Eating Habits
A good diet can do wonders for every aspect of your well-being, including sexual health. There is evidence that a vegetarian diet can actually improve erectile dysfunction in men. However, there are other dietary changes you can make if you are not interested in becoming a vegetarian. You can eat smaller portions and avoid fatty foods. The latter will also allow ED drugs to work better. Foods high in fat can prevent ED medications from being absorbed properly in the blood stream which can lessen the drug's effectiveness.
Establish Regular Exercise Routine
Studies show that you can reduce your chances of developing erectile dysfunction by at least 30% just by exercising several times a week. You do not even have to exercise every day. It only takes 5 hours of exercise each week to prevent or reduce ED symptoms. Exercise improves everything from cardiovascular function to blood circulation. Both outcomes can make it easier for men to get erections. These outcomes also improve the effectiveness of ED drugs.
Change Specific Lifestyle Factors
Three lifestyle factors are major contributors to erectile dysfunction and can also affect weight. Alcohol consumption and drug use are known to cause men to experience ED symptoms. Long-term use can result in permanent ED that may not be able to be treated with drugs like Levitra. Smoking is another activity that can lead to impotence. These activities affect blood vessels which can restrict blood flow and prevent sufficient blood from reaching the penis during sex. Reducing substance use will improve sexual functions and help with weight management.
If you are serious about using Levitra to reduce ED symptoms, it is important to get your weight under control before you begin treatment. Consult your doctor for specific recommendations and guidance. Depending upon your specific situation, you may need to follow a physician-prescribed weight loss program to get healthy enough to take ED drugs without experiencing complications or serious side effects. Call your doctor today to schedule a physical and medical review so you can begin treating your ED symptoms!

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