Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Famous Bald People

Despite the many treatments that exist to try and stave off visible hair loss, there are plenty of great examples out there of powerful bald role models. If you're deciding whether or not to commit to going totally bald, here are a few great acts to follow.
Bruce Willis
Bruce Willis is so tough, it almost makes you want to shave your hair off just to look like him. Whether outsmarting bad guys or helping a kid who sees dead people, no one looks at Bruce Willis and thinks "If only he'd get a toupee." Mr. Willis is inarguably one of the top role models for wearing your baldness with pride.
Vin Diesel
Another actor on this list, Vin Diesel is an undeniably impressive action star. You wouldn't dare to think less of him because he doesn't have a full head of hair. He'd probably beat you up if you even suggested such a thing. In real life, he's actually a former English major who also speaks fluent Italian, as if you needed more proof that looks can be deceiving.
Michael Jordan
His lack of hair hasn't held Michael Jordan back from an incredibly successful career one bit. One of the most recognized, successful and highly paid sports stars of all time, Michael Jordan has done a good job at making bald his trademark look as well.
James Carville
Known as the man who helped promote the relatively unknown governor of Arkansas, Bill Clinton, into the rank of presidency (twice), James Carville also sports a flashy, shiny head. He also successfully hosted the political show Crossfire on CNN, and continues delivering insightful political commentary. Currently, he can be found teaching political science classes at Tulane University.
Sigourney Weaver
While not naturally bald, Sigourney Weaver made a huge impact in Aliens III with her new bald look. If you've watched any of the Alien franchise movies, you'll know that the lack of hair didn't hamper her character from destroying those critters in any way.
Sean Connery
The original James Bond has been bald so long that he actually wore a toupee while filming his most well-known part. These days, he doesn't bother to hide his hair loss under anything artificial. And he's still considered one of the best actors of his generation, while consistently voted one of the sexiest movie stars of all time.
The Rest of Us
The celebrity figures listed above make going bald look easy, classy, brilliant, talented, tough or all of the above at the exact same time. That doesn't mean the bald look is right for everyone, however. If you don't quite feel up to rocking the look as well as Bruce Willis or Michael Jordan, consider treatment with Propecia. For use only in men, Propecia can help slow down further hair loss while promoting regrowth, for those who aren't quite ready to fully embrace their baldness.

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