Friday, February 22, 2013

How Baldness Can Affect Your Sex Life

When men first notice their hair loss, it can be a real blow to their self-esteem. Many men seem to connect noticeable baldness with a loss of manliness, perhaps connecting hair los to a reduced sense of manhood. In reality, losing a few hairs here or there will have no impact whatsoever on your sexual performance. In fact, so many women claim to be more attracted to bald men that your receding hairline may even benefit you in the bedroom.
True Causes of Baldness
The causes of baldness in men most often find their basis in genetics and hormones, although there may occasionally be other causes as well. Hair loss may be temporary, as in the case of an underlying nutritional deficiency that causes problems with hair regrowth. Then, when the causes of that hair loss have been corrected, the hair returns to its normal appearance.
Temporary hair loss is not nearly as troubling as permanent hair loss, however. When men discover that their hair is no longer growing back and the thin spots in their hair just keep on getting thinner, their first response is often concern. They may be worried about getting older in general, their appearance specifically, or how the outside world will look at them now that their appearance is changing.
Impact of Hair Loss
The most obvious impact of hair loss is physical: the changes that occur in the visual appearance. However, the emotional impact from these changes is often underestimated. If a man ties his sense of self-esteem pretty closely to his appearance, he may find it very difficult to handle the loss of his hair. If he cannot overcome his feelings of distress over the changes in his appearance, more serious psychological symptoms may appear down the road, such as social isolation, depression or other issues.
With increased emotional and psychological distress, sexual function may be impaired. So, although baldness on its own does not affect your sex life, the emotional distress over hair loss may itself have an impact. It's hard to feel intimate if you feel poorly about yourself, or are feeling down and distracted. That's one reason why early treatment with Propecia is so essential: the hair loss is stopped and reversed. With the return of hair growth, self-esteem and self-confidence both come back up to normal levels.
Bald Is Sexy
Regardless of what stage of hair loss you're in, beginning treatment with Propecia can have a very positive impact on your romantic life, especially if you're feeling emotionally affected by the changes in your appearance. But remember, even if you don't pursue treatment immediately, that's no reason to get down on your looks. Most women find bald men even sexier than those with a full head of hear, so bare your scalp with pride and get ready to collect some phone numbers.

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