Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Live Naturally - 6 Reasons For Healthy Living

I've decided to take natural living to a new level in my own life. I have to say that as healthy as I thought I was, I was nowhere near really living naturally. With every step I take, I see a new layer of "fake" stuff in our so-called regular way of living. I see new ways to be more and more natural. It can be quite overwhelming and sometimes I feel a bit discouraged. Mostly though, I feel excited about learning more and I feel determined to live as naturally as I can.
While making changes to be healthier by living more naturally is challenging in some ways, it's actually quite simple. I know that seems contradictory, however the point is that the simpler something is, the more natural it is. On the other hand, the challenge comes into play because some things are deceptive in appearing as though they are natural and even claiming to be "natural", yet they really are not (at least according to my personal standards).
Some people might wonder why I would go to so much trouble. More importantly, you might wonder why you would consider it for yourself. I'd like to share with you just a few reasons why making the effort to live more naturally will have a super healthy payoff that makes it well worth the work it takes.
1. You are what you eat.
Your body is designed as a sort of "factory". There are all kinds of processes taking place in this factory and the food we consume fuels those processes. Your body or your "factory" is designed to be fueled by food. When you put unnatural products, chemicals and preservatives into your "factory", you can get unpredictable, unnatural results and "gunk up" the system.
2. Your health is invaluable.
When you "gunk up" the system of your body, it could (and probably will) negatively affect your health. When you eat and live more naturally, you remove these unpredictable factors and allow your body to maintain itself in a more healthy state.
3. Eating and living more naturally gives you more energy.
Energy is critical to allowing you to live the most extraordinary life possible.
4. Living more naturally can feel quite gratifying.
When you start cooking with more natural ingredients and making more things from scratch, you will not only feel healthier, you will start to feel a strong sense of accomplishment and independence.
5. Creates a spiritual connection.
You may feel more of a spiritual connection as you begin to live more naturally. This is especially true when you appreciate the connection between your body and your food. The process of cooking with natural ingredients and growing your own food can be quite meditative and reflective.
6. Awareness and empowerment over your own well-being.
As you focus on living more naturally, you become much more aware of the things you put into your body and the things you expose your body to. You become more aware of your health and your personal well-being. It is very enlightening and empowering.
There is no question that these enhancements to my life are well worth a bit of extra effort to optimize my health and well-being by living more naturally. You decide for yourself if it's worth it to you.

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